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frequently asked questions

1) How old do you have to be to be a Wriggler?

Wrigglers is best suited for children aged 1yr+. Once they can move around by themselves they will benefit more as they can join in more. However, we always advise parents to come along to see what we do before making up their minds.

2) Can I bring a younger sibling?

Yes that is absolutely fine. We provide baby chairs for tiny ones and there are baby changing facilities too. We don't charge for siblings under 12m and once they turn 1 we offer a very good sibling discount!

3) Can my child bring a snack?

At the end of the session before we read the story, the children are offered a biscuit, yet you can provide a different snack if you prefer. During this parents/carers can provide a drink too.

4) Is there a car park?

Yes there is a large car park for Wriggler's customers to use. You can simply park and walk into the Meeting House.

5) What should my child wear for sessions?

Children can wear what they like…Wrigglers is all about having fun and joining in, so dress your child in comfy clothes that allows this!

6) What do parents and carers do during the sessions

Wrigglers is all about having fun with your child, and the more you have fun and participate with your child, the more they will too. Adults are encouraged to join in on the singing, actions and movement, and generally have a bit of fun. We also provide song sheets each session to help you sing along and you are free to take these with you so you can carry on Wriggling at home!